Kanna & Amy's Activism Experience

Climate change is a massive problem that the whole world is facing right this minute. It's not solely one country's fault. Climate change has surfaced the earth because of the negative actions of all the worlds' countries. If it isn't stopped, life on earth can change rapidly and even cease. Climate change is most definitely an urgent matter that needs to be solved. We need the co-operation of all people, young and old. Therefore, I decided to carry out my action project on climate change.

The older generation tends to be more aware of climate change and it's actions. However, the younger generation tends to be more oblivious to it. This is a problem as the younger generation today will become the generation to take on climate change head first in the future. Therefore, my action project targeted the youngest students at our school, the first years.

I worked on this project with Amy, who was on the training course with me. Together we needed to prepare ourselves for the week. We wanted to carry out our presentations during school time. Therefore, we had to get the permission of many people. These people included: our Ty co-ordinator, the first year dean and the deputy principal. These people knew the importance of preventing climate change, so they agreed to let us carry out our presentations instantly.

Our main visual was a power point. Myself and Amy created a power point on the issue of climate change. We incorporated a vast amount of pictures, to engage the audience. Our slides contained titles such as: "What is climate change", "What can we do?" and "Causes". We knew that the main challenge was going to be keeping everyone listening and concentrated on our presentation. Therefore we asked questions constantly throughout our presentation, so that our audience could be part of the presentation also. We also played games and watched videos, to change things up every once in a while.

Overall, the reaction and feedback from the first year students was great. They showed interest and it was evident at the end of the presentation that they did in fact learn a thing or two. It was a fantastic experience for me as well. I was able to learn so much about climate change through my research. I improved valuable skills such as public speaking. I have more confidence in myself now. The main thing I wanted to achieve was making climate change an urgent issue to be dealt with. I believe that I have done my job. Every student left our presentation wanting to help make the Earth a better place.

I believe that UNICEF is a great organization that helps every person on the Earth, even if they don't recognize it. I'm glad to have taken part in their activism program and I would highly recommend everyone to do it also.

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