Working on Gender Equality in Rathdown School

Over the past week, I was representing UNICEF in my school. I held a workshop for the 6th class and planned it all out before. It was a wonderful week and I learned a lot about activism and global goals. Before i gave the workshop I was nervous that it wouldn't go well, but once we started talking, I gained a lot of confidence. This week really helped me with boosting my confidence and made me realize that I can help solve the world's problems, even if I'm only fifteen. There is no age restriction on speaking out about what you believe to be right and what you want to change about the world you live in. I also learned a lot about planning and organizing things. We were very independent this week and it felt good to do something for myself. I made a presentation, organized a time and a class to give our talk to, and got to do the talk without any help from the teachers. I was very happy that I took part in the UNICEF TY Training, it was a wonderful experience, and would love to do something just like it again. It was wonderful to get to hear other opinions and share mine.

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