Looking back on the week working with UNICEF, I have learned so much

Looking back on the week working with UNICEF, I have learned so much. On Monday apart from learning about the different issues UNICEF helps with, I got to spend time with others who are as passionate about changing the world for the good as I am. It was really lovely to connect with them and hear their views. The training day was very informative and it was helpful to have time to make an action plan at the end- it really helped us stay organised during the week.

On Tuesday Rhya and I really enjoyed creating a presentation that would be informative and empowering for the Sixth Class students, using different resources from the web we made a fun, yet fact filled presentation for the girls.

On Wednesday we gave the presentation, we didn’t want to just talk at the girls, but to talk with them. I loved hearing the young voices speak so passionately about the need for gender equality and found it really inspiring. I wanted to leave the girls with the facts of how unjust it is for women and girls around the globe but inspire them to help change this and get involved in implementing the Global Goals.

On Thursday, my partner and I worked to plan events in the future to keep being activists and help teach others about activism. The experience I had with UNICEF is one I will really enjoyed and value and was very beneficial to me, I can't wait to continue my activism in the future.

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