What I learned when delivering gender equality workshops in my school

I was most surprised to find that so many teacher's were incredibly supportive and were only too happy to give up their class time and allow me to work on these posters. I spoke to another two teachers today Ms Kerin and Ms Gavin who are really passionate about ending gender inequality. Ms Kerin even assigned our English class a project where we have to present a speech to the class on gender inequality. I'm going to take this opportunity to speak to the class about Unicef and about what we learned.

Overall everyone had really positive feedback and we gained the support of seven teachers and our principal. My peers were really interested to learn more and found the information on the posters just as shocking as I had. I think that we could be starting to spark that curiosity of this topic and hopefully are encouraging people to be activists themselves.

I have really enjoyed spending my time researching gender inequality because I now know ten times more than I did before I began this workshop and I am also a lot more passionate about this topic. I've grown more confident in myself and in my knowledge of this topic and I have spoken to my TY Coordinator about holding a talk and maybe some workshops about gender inequality on the 8th of March, International Women's day. I'm really excited to hold this talk and possible lunch meetings because I really want everyone to know all of the information that I have learned simply by educating myself.

This programme has really benefitted me and my school, I have learned so much about a topic I am really passionate about and now I can help other people learn about it too.

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