Gift Wrap Alternatives

Each Christmas we create 25% more packaging waste than the rest of the year. Which is not surprising when you hear that last year in Ireland six million rolls of wrapping paper were bought! Now that is crazy!!

So, we want to help you help the planet- and your pocket, with these super easy, cute, and free gift wrap alternatives...

Sitting in your recycling bin- yesterday's newspaper, couldn't get any easier, plus you could get very cute and highlight some of the words on the page to spell out the name of the person you're gifting- or a message.

You could also get very creative and create some giftbags out of newspaper. Look at those drawings, you could really customise the giftwrap- and those clothes pegs? No one will even realise they're missing ;)

You could even take the comic section and your work here is done! Bonus points for a homemade bow!

This one is something you probably have lying around the house, maybe it was a cloth bag from a gift last year- reuse it, put a bow or some string around the top to seal your package so no one can peek in and you're sorted!

An excuse to have just one more crisp... You need it for packaging! Waste not want not!

Is there a stained road atlas from the 1970s floating around your attic? If it says the USSR, or doesn't have the M50 on it, I hate to break it to you but it ain't any good. Put it to use and use it as a really cool

If you're fed up of a scarf you have, put it to good use and wrap up a gift, it could legit count as an extra present.

Finally, there really is no house in Ireland that doesn't have empty toilet rolls. Perfect for small gifts, super easy to make, and actually really cute!

Lastly, there's no need to buy gift tags, ribbon, or bows. Find something cute around the house- or the garden and put it to use. Those ribbons that attach the tag to your new pyjamas? No better way to give it a loving home than on a present :)

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