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Last week our UNICEF TY Activists attended an Advocacy Workshop with us in Dublin, and spent the rest of the week advocating for change in their own communities as part of their TY Work Placement. Some wrote blogs to tell us about their week!

Liadh Farago tells us about her week at Dominican College Sionhill

Because of a busy school schedule this week we were forced to carry out our main activity (presenting to the three fourth year classes) on Friday. We discussed the workshop, the global goals and most importantly talked about our chosen topic. This topic was gendered toys.

We passed around materials and gave facts, we read out the results of our survey (to which we had gotten 127 replies) and broke down some gender stereotypes caused by gendered toys. We got a very positive reaction to this, with many students pledging to sign up to U-Report Ireland.

Our peers reacted in a very positive manner, congratulating us on our work and showing a genuine interest for the issue. We were delighted with the 127 replies over two days to our survey and felt the other students fully supported us in our activities.

Preparation for activities was challenging at times because of the host of transition year activities in our school this week. We were unable to show the Ted talk we were hoping to play at lunch but will attempt to do so next week.

We thoroughly enjoyed both the workshop and the activities throughout the week and hope to continue working with UNICEF to make the world a better place for children everywhere. The workshop was fascinating and illuminating and we feel inspired to continue activism. To continue fighting for these import issues.

If you want to create change like Liadh did, start today!

Check out our gender workshop here!

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