Thanks to Jireh, Loreto Foxrock has one more tree!

My expereince of activim with UNICEF

On Monday we went to the UNICEF workshop in town, it was very interesting as we learned many new things. We decided to choose global warming as our goal to present to the school.

We used the PowerPoint that we got shown on Monday to present to our school.

On Tuesday we set out our aims and our goal for that day was decided. We decided who was going to present, who was going to finish the PowerPoint and we practiced our speech. We also decided to make a poster to put around the school. Some posters were about global warming and the others were signs that said turn off the light etc.

On Wednesday we presented our project to 1st years.

On Thursday we presented it to first years and their teacher.

On Friday we presented it to first and second years, we also planted a tree outside our school. It was a great week!

Jireh, that sounds like one busy week! Fair play!!

If you want to create change like Jireh did, start today! Find out more about climate change here!

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