Amy is Advocating for Climate Change!

Our Climate Change Advocacy Project at Loreto Foxrock

My classmates, Muireann, Leah, Jireh and myself did a lot of work in our school throughout the week to raise awareness for climate change.

We made signs out of recycled paper reminding teachers to turn off their computers, lights and projectors in an effort to save electricity and hung them up in classrooms around the school.

We made posters that contained pictures and facts on how climate change is affecting many places around the world and how it will only worsen in the future if people do nothing to stop it and we hung them up around the school.

We used the PowerPoint the people from UNICEF emailed to us and added a few extra slides and then used it when we did our presentation to four of the younger classes (first year and second year) on Thursday and Friday.

The presentations went well as the pupils were very attentive. They were very shocked when we told them how the earth had warmed up one degree and how we were very close to increasing by even more and the disastrous consequences this would have for the planet.

They were very interested then on how they could help stop climate change and we told them how little things like recycling, not wasting food and walking instead of driving can have a huge impact on stopping climate change. Some of them were very surprised when we told them how climate change is affecting the world today like how it contributed to the outbreak of the civil war in Syria and how it is destroying many places of natural beauty in the world such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon Rainforest.

Over all I thought our action plan went very well thanks to the valuable and useful information we learned at the UNICEF workshop.

Awesome job Amy, well done!

Do you want to advocate for climate change? Start today with our workshop available here!

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