Bottled Up

This week we're hearing from five girls who had a huge impact on their community!

Read on to hear from Caitlin Mulcahy, Julie Mackey, Rachel Barclay, Alice McCarthy and Emma Kearney from St. Angela's College, Cork.

Girls, thanks for sharing your project with us! After seeing your project at the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards a few months back, we're still impressed! Can you tell us where your inspiration for the project came from?

We began this project early in September as part of Transition Year. We wanted to highlight a topic - plastic disposable water bottles though they are a huge part of our everyday lives have a huge negative impact on not only our environment but our health. We didn't want to just inform the students in our school about the negative effects, we wanted to take action and try to reduce the amount of disposable water bottles that were being used through our school community.

Wow! That was quite ambitious! What was your next step?

We got in contact with a representative of the Bobble bottle company who kindly agreed to give us a discount on their bottles in order for us to sell throughout our school to promote the use of reusable water bottles which have a much more positive effect on our health and environment.

You showed great initiative! What was the response in school like?

We received great feedback on our project and we wanted to pass on our knowledge to places outside of our school and into our local community.

We hope that the information we passed on to the students and staff of our school has changed their views on the use of disposable water bottles. Our school, St. Angela's College even installed a water fountain to facilitate us filling our water bottles.

We're sure they did! Congratulations girls on achieving real change in your community, and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals!

Check out the groups Twitter feed @bottledup_sac to find out more!

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