What do Rita Ora, MIA, Mika, and Wyclef Jean have in common?

Monday was World Refugee Day, and many of you took part in the UReport poll asking you about refugee statistics. It's easy to lose sight of the people behind those numbers, and the potential.

A quick look at the music industry shows us that refugees, like every individual, have so much to offer society, that they should be welcomed wholeheartedly and afforded every opportunity so that they can prosper.

Rita Ora was born in Kosovo, and when she was just one year old her family relocated to England to escape the conflict in the FPR Yugoslavia.

M.I.A. was born in England, but moved to Sri Lanka at a young age. Fleeing violence, her family moved to India, and then back to England. Her 2015 track, Borders, made headlines for bringing the migration crisis into pop culture.

Mika, was born in the Lebanon. When he was one year old his family left war-torn Beirut, seeking refuge in Paris.

Wyclef Jean and his family left Haiti under the Duvalier regime and moved to New Jersey, USA. His music group was even named Fugees!

Did you know where these musicians came from? Does it make you consider the plight of refugees differently? Let us know on Twitter! You'll find us @unicefIRLyouth


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