Information about this unit of work for *Second Level Teachers*


Based on the Junior Cycle English specification, this unit of work, on the theme of identity and belonging, is suitable for a group of first or second year students. It consists of eight lessons, all of which are approximately 40 minutes of work.


Over the course of the unit, students will watch a number of short videos of young people in Ireland, followed by activities.


At the end of each lesson, students will do a small action and then, at the end of the unit of learning, they will do a presentation in the form of an oral communication or a pre-recorded vlog.


Lessons are designed to scaffold students using formative assessment toward the final task.


All lessons are firmly rooted in the Framework for Junior Cycle and specifically in the English specification. We have identified the relevant key skills, key skill elements and learning outcomes which are addressed in the unit.



1st Year Junior Cycle English


Learning Outcomes addressed in this unit of learning: OL 4, OL 10, W 4, R 3



ELEMENT: Communicating as a listener, speaker, reader, writer OL4: Listen actively in order to get the gist of an account or presentation noting its main points and purpose

ELEMENT: Exploring and using language

OL10: Collaborate with others in order to explore and discuss understandings of spoken texts by recording, analysing, interpreting and comparing their opinions



ELEMENT: Communicating as a listener, speaker, reader, writer

R3: Use a wide range of reading comprehension strategies appropriate to texts, including digital texts: to retrieve information; to link to previous knowledge, follow a process or argument, summarise, link main ideas; to monitor their own understanding; to question, analyse, synthesise and evaluate.


ELEMENT: Communicating as a listener, speaker, reader, writer W4: Write competently in a range of text forms, for example letter, report, multi-modal text, review, blog, using appropriate vocabulary, tone and a variety of styles to achieve a chosen purpose for different audiences


End of unit task Plan and present their opinions by speaking aloud to the teacher/ a group or via a vlog


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