FRIENDSHIP - Explore the concept of friendship and the importance of making friends for developing a sense of belonging and a sense of self. 


Prior Learning
Knowledge and understanding of:
  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child



  • Post-it notes

  • Poster paper for Friendship Poster


  • Pens, markers, colouring pencils



Kid President: Friendship

Count on me - Bruno Mars song about friendship

How Teachers Can Encourage Integration through friendship

Children's Book Who Are Refugees and Migrants? What Makes People Leave Their Homes? and Other Big Questions


  1. Explore the role of friendship and the different aspects 

  2. Explore ways in which different values, views and beliefs can be discussed with friends

  3. Examine the importance of friendship for people who have recently arrived in Ireland or have dealt with trauma


3rd/4th Class

SPHE > Myself and others > My friends and other people

  • Appreciate the need for and the importance of friendship and interacting with others  

  • Explore the different aspects of friendship

  • Examine different types of friendship

  • Respect and show consideration for the views, beliefs and values of others


5th/6th Class

SPHE > Myself > Myself and others > My friends and other people  

  • Explore the importance of friendship and interacting with others and realise that making and changing friends is part of the natural process of growing  

  • Discuss and appreciate the different aspects of friendship and the difference between close friends and acquaintances

Explore how the opinions, views or expectations of others can influence how people relate to each other, either positively or negatively 



Watch Malak One Year Later video (Malak's story was introduced in What to Bring). 

Divide the children into small groups, ask them to discuss Malak's video.

What helped Malak adjust to her new home in Germany? 

How would Malak benefit from friendship in school? 

How would the class benefit from having Malak in their classroom? 

How would you benefit from having Malak as a friend?


Now show Desmond and/or Jamalida’s videos. Ask the children to respond to the video.



Watch Kid President's Guide to Making a New Friend 


Develop a Classroom Guide to Friendship poster. 



In support of the campaign, share the video and guide to the school at assembly.


Share with the children the poster on Convention of the Rights of the Child. Ask them to determine which rights are significant to the topic they have been discussing. 

Article 15 (Freedom of association) You have the right to choose your own friends and join or set up groups, as long as it isn't harmful to others. 

Article 29 (Goals of education): Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities to the fullest. It should also help you to respect others, human rights and you own and other cultures. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people. 


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