Curated on behalf of UNICEF by students Aoife Macnamara, Megan Ennis, Mairelise Robinson, Codie Drake, Selin Ozturk, Meabh Hennelly, and  Madeline Kelly.

Millions of children are on the move. Some are driven from their homes by conflict, poverty or disaster; others are migrating in the hope of finding a better, safer life. Far too many encounter danger, detention, deprivation and discrimination on their journeys.


It shouldn’t have to be this way. The suffering and discrimination of migrant children is unacceptable and preventable. A child is a child, no matter why she leaves home, where she comes from or where she is and how she got there. And every child deserves protection, care and all the support and services she needs to thrive. But too often that’s not the case.


UNICEF works around the world to help make sure migrant and refugee children are protected and that their rights are respected.


In collaboration with UNICEF, university students across Ireland, have put together this exhibition to provide a snapshot of the lives of 20 young people forced to flee their homes. The aim is to facilitate a wider conversation on campuses around Ireland about the rights of children and young people and the responses we have made as individuals, communities, nationally and as Europeans to refugees and migrants seeking a safer and better future.


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