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Spotlight: Sicily


Porco Rossa is a cafe in Sicily that has a drop in center for migrants on Wednesdays, They provide legal advice, other services and host an array of events.  These pictures capture the cafe and the community interacting whether that be chess or music jam session.

Even though Mary is now living in Italy, her struggle is not over, as she worries about the man who she owes money to.

“They say I have run away, and that they paid for my trip and I owe them. They say that if I don’t pay, they will put a curse on me to make me be deported.”

“Two weeks ago, they came to my mother’s place and handcuffed her. They took her to a house and threatened her. The said they would do something very bad to her if I don’t send money”

Mary’s only choice (like many others)  is to be patient, “I have to believe it’s just a matter of time. One day I will have my documents, I will have an education, I will have work,”

“My dream is to become a lawyer, to be able to help people. I want to give justice to the girls that [sic] have to use their bodies for work.”

Millions of children are on the move across international borders – fleeing violence and conflict, disaster or poverty, in pursuit of a better life. Hundreds of thousands move on their own. When they encounter few opportunities to move legally, children resort to dangerous routes and engage smugglers to help them cross borders. 


This page was designed & written by Selin Ozturk & Codie Drake

Selin Ozturk is originally from Toronto, Canada. She has her bachelors degree from George Washington University in Political Science. She will be concluding her Masters degree from Trinity College Dublin in International Peace Studies in November 2019. Selin has focused her studies and work around refugees, women and children’s issues.

Codie Drake is originally from Chicago. She has a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from Kentucky Westleyan College . She will be concluding her Masters degree from Trinity College Dublin in International Peace Studies in November 2019. 


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