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Spotlight: Chad


In the picture above, the internally displaced rest. They came to the Chad Basin after an attack in there region.


The man in the blue, Ali, hosts the displaced. He states, “ We are distant relatives, but we don’t know each other. We actually never met.  I was shocked when they came here and told me what happened. I did not think twice, I gave them some space to settle and our neighbours brought them mate and covers”.

Fatma, 18, holds her 12 day old baby. She fled from her home while pregnant due to the attacks by Boko Haram. When she fled,“We had to run away. I remember I was barefoot. We walked for days until a first village named Forkoloum where we could be safe. We saw the army and their vehicles on their way to our village. A woman hosted me and called someone to help me deliver my baby. Despite the fear, it all went well“. She now is located in the Village of Tagal in the lake Chad region.

In the Chad Basin where past violence has caused many to be displaced, there is a huge humanitarian crisis rising. A local women states her commitment to welcome new people to her community. she says, “Many of my brothers and sisters died already. I am sick myself and getting older but how could you say no to a family who comes here with children? How could you say no to someone who’s lost everything. We are a community that means we must help those in need.” Over 43,000 are internally displaced in Chad.


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