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Spotlight: Ireland


Minahil and her family fled pakistan become of violence and discrimination against women.  Minahil was five years old when she got to ireland. She spent nine years in a centre for refugees. This where she met Natasha.  


Late 2015 Minahil family received legal status. She plans to become a politician or a doctor and plans to continue on being a social activist. She speaks Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic and English.

Natasha and her family fled Zimbabwe due to human rights violations and arrived in Ireland in 2011 when she 9-years-old. Natasha lived with her mother and brother awaiting a decision on their applications.


Early last year, Natasha and her family were granted legal status to remain in Ireland. Natasha speaks English and Shona, and hopes to study biochemistry in University. 

Natasha, 14, and Minahil,15, met in a residential centre for asylum-seekers in Ireland where they lived with their family members for 4, and 9 years respectively, while awaiting decisions on their applications from the Irish Government. They are best friends, forming a special bond through their shared experience of fleeing their home countries, living in limbo as asylum-seekers, being separated from family members and very recently, receiving legal status to remain in Ireland.


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