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Spotlight: Austria


The Al-Faraji family now lives in Austria, after migrating from their home in Iraq. Their new home is a an abandoned hospital, which in German is called Geriatriezentrum, and is now home to thousands of refugees.


The family is currently waiting for their application for asylum to be processed, “We’ve been to the police, and they took our fingerprints and gave us a white card and a green card. The green card is for hospitals and school, it is very necessary, and the white card means we haven’t been refused, so that’s a very good card. Now, we are waiting for a letter from the authorities for an interview”.

Sajad and his brother Zein are lobbying  to try and get into school . The demand for language courses is high and the family is desperate to start learning German.  


Food for thought: Have you ever had to ask to go to school? Did you ever have a hard time learning a second language in school?

After six months, the family is transitioning into life in Vienna. They are no longer, “scared new refugees”. They used to be a family” isolated and afraid in the new city” today they move with confidence and ease.


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