#UpRooted Stories

Spotlight: Ukraine


Aleksey, 14, explains his story:

"It was in the summer, I was going to the pond with my friends to swim there. As we were walking there was a convoy of military passing and something fell off one of the cars. I wasn’t sure what that thing was, it looked like it could be a pen.” Aleksey says. “I picked it up and touched it when it exploded in my hands. My first feeling was shock and pain. I looked down and saw the fingers were hanging from my hand.”

As he holds his pet pigeon, Aleksey continues: “My whole life has changed, I can’t do everything I could do before without my fingers, but I’m getting used to it. It’s still hard to do some things. I can’t chop the wood, it’s hard to tie the fishing line, and it’s hard to set the traps to catch animals. Sometimes I’m getting upset up until the moment when I break into tears."

"There’s a game we play at school," Aleksey says quietly "you have to do everything with your right hand in it, and I just couldn’t, so I felt like starting to cry. I’m learning how to write with my left hand, it’s not very good yet, but I’m trying."


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