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Spotlight: Germany


Ahmad Abdul-Halim 16, and his brother Ali ( pictured above) crossed the Mediterranean in search of a safer life in Germany. The two struggle to establish themselves in a permanent basis in the country.  They are currently appealing the German government's denial for asylum. With this appeal and an acceptance of asylum their lives would take a new transition, where unknown is no more and a forward movement in their new country established.

Two boys left their home when their area in Lebanon became over ran by ISIS and Hezbollah.  There also was a blood feud in their family which also threatened them. When he describes his past home,“ There is no safety. There are no jobs and there is death everywhere”.  

Food for thought: Have you ever played a sport and had to sit out of a match? What were the reasons? Were they controllable circumstances?

The journey to Germany by boat was "very, very, very scary and hard because we thought we could die at any moment because we never knew how to swim. It was not a proper ship, it was only a rubber boat that floats back and forth with so much weight that it could capsize at any point".


Once the brothers got to Serbia, they had to wait three days to get paperwork. Ahmad became sick and they had to move illegally within the country.

Ali believes that his future is in Germany, “My dream is to be a man, a good man, with money who is able to help the rest of the world, starting with my family’.  He is fearless and challenges the circumstances of his trip.


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