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March 8, 2016

Unicef Ireland launched UReport in Dublin Castle on International Women's Day. Snapchater James Kavanagh MC'd the event along with our keynote speaker, UN Youth deleagte Orla Murphy. Over 200 young people spent the day taking part in UReport polls and building campaigns aimed at addressing the 17 Global Goals. Find out more about becoming a UReporter at Ureport.ie.

March 8, 2016

Newpark Comprehensive student's Rachel and Nathan asked young people to come up with their wishes for the world. As fellow UReporters, they think it is important to find out what kind of a world their peers would like to create. Using the creative idea of sending balloons around their community with young people's wishes, they helped foster conversation and understanding about the kind of changes that they want to see. 

March 8, 2016

Girls from Our Lady's Bower dance their way to revolution every day in Atlone. They run one of the most active UNICEF Activate groups in the country. They are passionate about change. Much of their success is credited to the support of their teacher and mentor Ms. Niamh Moloney and their supportive principal Mr. Noel Casey. Check out UNICEF's facebook page to see some of the work the girls have initiated in their school.

March 8, 2016

Climate Change is an issue many of our activists are working on. This is an aerial shot of our creative call to action #keepitintheground, created to raise awareness on the need for the remaining reserves of fossil fuels to stay in the ground. The world can only afford to burn between one-fifth and one-third of proven reserves before there is a reasonable chance of tipping the planet over the 2C danger threshold of warming.  See if you can spread this campaign far and wide on your social media channels. We must keep it in the ground. Please feel free to share this image as part of your campaign. Photo Credit: Cal Whelan

March 8, 2016

Do you call yourself a feminsit? Girls, Orlaith Barry and Aislinn Carty from Beaufort Loreto School asked that question at our Youth Summit and not suprisingly they got a strong response from the audience. As part of their BT Young Scientist Project they raised the issue that girls schools, boys schools and coed schools can have different outcomes for genders. STEM classes are often not available at girls schools, while boys are often not found in home economics classes. They argue it's time to start asking oursevles is gender equality still an issue we need to seriously address. One of the most alarming findings, was that girls often make out as though they are not as smart as boys. Does this happen where you go to school? Let us know.

February 11, 2016

180 students from all over Ireland took part in a UNICEF Ireland Twitter Takeover.  They tweeted with 5 politicians from our main political parties. Questions regarding Repeal the 8th to sugar taxes and leaving cert reform were asked of the politicians. Check out this video of the takeover. 



February 1, 2016

If you want to know about the issues young people care about, check out our Election Manifesto. These are the issues to question your politician about when they come knocking at your door. We surveyed over 3000 young people to find out the issues they are concerned about. Download our manifesto and get engaged with #GE16Youth.  

January 1, 2016

UNICEF's Goodwill ambassador believes we all should be UReporters. Checkout this video and hear what he has to say about UReport.




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