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December 3, 2016

December 3rd marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 

It happens all too often today that children with disabilities remain at a comparative disadvantage to their peers.

Charting a path towards universal access to primary and secondary schooling, along with effective learning for all begins with identifying the children left behind. The development of policies and programmes is constrained by the lack of reliable data on disabled children, particularly in developing countries. 

Millions of children today live with a disability that makes them more likely to be marginalized or miss out on education. 

For a child who enters an education system with a disability, more resources may be required to achieve opportunities that others take for granted. (The same is true of those children who live in poverty, or are disadvantaged due to ethnicity or gender). Unfortunately, spending is often skewed in favour of more privileged students. 

Furthermore, the most marginalised peop...

December 1, 2016

Today is World AIDS Day. UNICEF is launching For Every Child, End AIDS: Seventh Stocktaking Report on Children and AIDS.

As the number of people accessing life-saving drugs for HIV has risen, there has been an increasing sense that the end of AIDS was near. But for children and adolescents, the situation remains grave – and there is no end to AIDS without them.

Since 2000, nearly 9 million lives have been saved, with 17 million people living HIV receiving treatment. However, HIV is still present in many parts of the world. We must keep working until we have achieved an AIDS-free generation!

So join us on World AIDS Day to raise awareness on why the world must act now to end AIDS, tweet or Facebook your support with #worldAIDSday #ForEveryChild

November 29, 2016

For one of my weeks of work experience I took part in a UNICEF workshop, here's how it went:

On Monday, we were to meet up in the first floor of the Ombudsman for Children's office where UNICEF had booked one of the floors so we could have somewhere to talk. I walked in and there were a few people sitting at a table I sat with them and we quickly started talking. I didn't know anyone there but it was good because it encouraged me to make friends with new people. There was lots of food UNICEF had supplied us with, which was great. We then went into this room where the people from UNICEF informed us about the Global Goals and which were the most important ones for Ireland. We then had a small walking debate where we discussed which goals we believed to be the most important. Afterwards we were asked to pick one of the three goals which they would be discussing during the day. I picked climate change and was informed about how bad it actually was currently and how Ireland didn't...

November 1, 2016

On Saturday the third annual GAA Youth Forum took place in Croke Park, with 200 young GAA Players in attendance. Aged 12-21, players learned about getting the balance right, making healthy choices, and injury prevention.

Our UNICEF Stand was super busy all day, with attendees signing up to U-Report. Between sessions we asked questions related to the different workshops, which GAA Players who were already signed up to U-Report, but weren't in attendance, were also able to answer.

If you want to get the lowdown on more of the GAA's Youth Activities, follow @UReportIRL now on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook and message 'GAA'

October 28, 2016

I thought the week went very well. It was a little bit hard to organise things in my school as I was doing it on my own and at the start I didn't really have a lot of confidence going up in front of a class and giving a presentation. As the week progressed I became a lot more confident in myself to give a presentation. 

I had a really good time and I was amazed at how engaged some of the first year students were. They asked a lot of questions and had a lot of different opinions about the issues UNICEF are trying to resolve. 

If I could have the opportunity to do this again, I would. I had a wonderful time organising this week and giving presentations and now I feel a lot more confident and less dependant on others for help.


Last week our UNICEF TY Activists attended an Advocacy Workshop with us in Dublin, and spent the rest of the week advocating for change in their own communities as part of their TY Work Placement. Some wrote blogs to tell us about their week! 

Liadh Farago tells us about her week at Dominican College Sionhill

Because of a busy school schedule this week we were forced to carry out our main activity (presenting to the three fourth year classes) on Friday. We discussed the workshop, the global goals and most importantly talked about our chosen topic. This topic was gendered toys. 

We passed around materials and gave facts, we read out the results of our survey (to which we had gotten 127 replies) and broke down some gender stereotypes caused by gendered toys. We got a very positive reaction to this, with many students pledging to sign up to U-Report Ireland.

Our peers reacted in a very positive manner, congratulating us on our work and showing a genuine interest for the issue. We were delight...

October 26, 2016

Last week our UNICEF TY Activists attended an Advocacy Workshop with us in Dublin, and spent the rest of the week advocating for change in their own communities as part of their TY Work Placement. Some wrote blogs to tell us about their week!

Leah Murphy tells us in brief what makes the UNICEF TY Experience different to other work placements.

On Monday, we went to a UNICEF workshop in town.

On Tuesday, we came up with ideas and made posters.

On Wednesday, we made a PowerPoint and more posters.

On Thursday and Friday, we presented our PowerPoint to the younger years in our school.

If this sounds like your kind of TY Work Experience, email itsaboutus@unicef.ie 

October 25, 2016

My expereince of activim with UNICEF

On Monday we went to the UNICEF workshop in town, it was very interesting as we learned many new things. We decided to choose global warming as our goal to present to the school.

We used the PowerPoint that we got shown on Monday to present to our school.

On Tuesday we set out our aims and our goal for that day was decided. We decided who was going to present, who was going to finish the PowerPoint and we practiced our speech. We also decided to make a poster to put around the school. Some posters were about global warming and the others were signs that said turn off the light etc.

On Wednesday we presented our project to 1st years.

On Thursday we presented it to first years and their teacher.

On Friday we presented it to first and second years, we also planted a tree outside our school. It was a great week!

Jireh, that sounds like one busy week! Fair play!!

If you want to create change like Jireh did, start today! Find out more about climate change here!

October 24, 2016

Today the United Nations is 71 Years Old! Just shortly after that UNICEF was established to care for children in emergencies and to ensure that every child's right to survive and thrive was respected.

What can you do to celebrate UN Day?

Take action on one of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development!

October 24, 2016

Our Climate Change Advocacy Project at Loreto Foxrock

My classmates, Muireann, Leah, Jireh and myself did a lot of work in our school throughout the week to raise awareness for climate change. 

We made signs out of recycled paper reminding teachers to turn off their computers, lights and projectors in an effort to save electricity and hung them up in classrooms around the school. 

We made posters that contained pictures and facts on how climate change is affecting many places around the world and how it will only worsen in the future if people do nothing to stop it and we hung them up around the school. 

We used the PowerPoint the people from UNICEF emailed to us and added a few extra slides and then used it when we did our presentation to four of the younger classes (first year and second year) on Thursday and Friday. 

The presentations went well as the pupils were very attentive.  They were very shocked when we told them how the earth had warmed up one degree and how we were very close to...

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