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UNICEF Activism Training And Refugee Awareness Week

On Friday the 23rd of February 2018, we took part in UNICEF’s TY Activism training course in the Children’s Ombudsman in Dublin. It was a day long course, and it was such an amazing opportunity. Throughout the day, we learned all about the different issues that affect our world, from global warming, world wealth, human rights, sexual harassment, poverty and many more topics. We learnt different methods of thinking and organising, took part in games, listened to other people’s opinions in open debates and even had a chance to question the Children’s Ombudsman for Ireland. By the end of the day we had brainstormed and planned a hypothetical activism week in our school. What we then had to do was pick a topic we had an interest in, which for us was the refugee and migrant crisis, and put everything we’d learnt on how to be an activist and plan an activism and awareness week in our school. This week, Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May, we...

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