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January 23, 2019

After attending the UNICEF Youth Activism Training Program for the Refugee and Migrant crisis we came back to school with a new-found passion to raise awareness about the issue and share our knowledge with fellow students. The activism training program taught us a lot about the Refugee Crisis and equipped us with the right information and techniques we needed to educate our community about the issue.

 After planning out our campaign, the three of us set out to do a few things around the school. Firstly, we organised mini workshops for 1st Year students about the Refugee Crisis. In this interactive learning session, the students had a walking debate, deliberating upon whether or not Ireland should take in more refugees. This allowed the students to think more about the issue and gave them an opportunity to broadcast their thoughts, solidify opinions and fill gaps in each other's knowledge.

 Following this, we showed them a short documentary titled “Rania’s Odyssey”, which gave them the op...

May 29, 2018

For our UNICEF presentation we wanted to do it under the title of 'Climate change and Global goals'  

Over the next few weeks we researched this topic to ensure we knew almost everything relevant on this topic before presenting it to any teacher or class. 

We put together a presentation via PowerPoint and we began using everything we learnt and putting it into presentation form. We use pictures and easy language to make it easy for the students to grasp. We put together a word search for them to do and we also gave them an action project which was to either create a poster on the information that they have learned or write a letter to the Minister for Communication, Climate Change and Environment. We then gave it to our coordinating teacher and she gave us some advice on how we could improve the presentation in different areas.

On the 20th of February we went into a first year CSPE class an...

February 26, 2018

Climate change is a massive problem that the whole world is facing right this minute. It's not solely one country's fault. Climate change has surfaced the earth because of the negative actions of all the worlds' countries. If it isn't stopped, life on earth can change rapidly and even cease. Climate change is most definitely an urgent matter that needs to be solved. We need the co-operation of all people, young and old. Therefore, I decided to carry out my action project on climate change.

The older generation tends to be more aware of climate change and it's actions. However, the younger generation tends to be more oblivious to it. This is a problem as the younger generation today will become the generation to take on climate change head first in the future. Therefore, my action project targeted the youngest students at our school, the first years.

I worked on this project with  Amy, who was on the training course with me. Together we needed to prepare ourselves for the week. We wanted...

UNICEF Activism Training And Refugee Awareness Week

On Friday the 23rd of February 2018, we took part in UNICEF’s TY Activism training course in the Children’s Ombudsman in Dublin. It was a day long course, and it was such an amazing opportunity. Throughout the day, we learned all about the different issues that affect our world, from global warming, world wealth, human rights, sexual harassment, poverty and many more topics. We learnt different methods of thinking and organising, took part in games, listened to other people’s opinions in open debates and even had a chance to question the Children’s Ombudsman for Ireland. By the end of the day we had brainstormed and planned a hypothetical activism week in our school. What we then had to do was pick a topic we had an interest in, which for us was the refugee and migrant crisis, and put everything we’d learnt on how to be an activist and plan an activism and awareness week in our school. This week, Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May, we...

January 16, 2018

Over the past week, I was representing UNICEF in my school. I held a workshop for the 6th class and planned it all out before. It was a wonderful week and I learned a lot about activism and global goals.

Before i gave the workshop I was nervous that it wouldn't go well, but once we started talking, I gained a lot of confidence. This week really helped me with boosting my confidence and made me realize that I can help solve the world's problems, even if I'm only fifteen. There is no age restriction on speaking out about what you believe to be right and what you want to change about the world you live in.

I also learned a lot about planning and organizing things. We were very independent this week and it felt good to do something for myself. I made a presentation, organized a time and a class to give our talk to, and got to do the talk without any help from the teachers.

I was very happy that I took part in the UNICEF TY Training, it was a wonderful experience, and would love to do so...

January 15, 2018

Looking back on the week working with UNICEF, I have learned so much. On Monday apart from learning about the different issues UNICEF helps with, I got to spend time with others who are as passionate about changing the world for the good as I am. It was really lovely to connect with them and hear their views. The training day was very informative and it was helpful to have time to make an action plan at the end- it really helped us stay organised during the week.

On Tuesday Rhya and I really enjoyed creating a presentation that would be informative and empowering for the Sixth Class students, using different resources from the web we made a fun, yet fact filled presentation for the girls.

On Wednesday we gave the presentation, we didn’t want to just talk at the girls, but to talk with them. I loved hearing the young voices speak so passionately about the need for gender equality and found it really inspiring. I wanted to leave the girls with the facts of how unjust it is for women and gi...

June 16, 2017

The latest UNICEF Report Card Building the Future is the first report to assess the status of children in rich countries in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It ranks countries based on their performance and details the challenges and opportunities that rich countries face in achieving interdependent global commitments for children, shared economic prosperity and a sustainable environment 

In ourIrish Info-graphic Guide to UNICEF Report Card 14, we show that Ireland does comparatively well in some aspects of child and youth well-being and lags behind in others, ranking 11th out of 41 countries.  

One of the most alarming findings in the report is the high rate of teen suicide. Ireland is ranked fourth highest in the EU/OECD region. For girls the finding is even more stark as Ireland has the highest rate of girls dying by suicide in Europe.  Recent cuts in youth mental health facilities is a cause for serious concern.  

The report also shows a w...

March 15, 2017

‘Song for Syria’ a powerful new song and music video performed by children affected by six years of war in Syria.

The song is a message of hope from Syria’s children to the people of the world, with a simple request to get their childhood back.

‘Song for Syria’ is sung by 10-year-old Ansam, a Syrian girl who was born blind, against a backdrop of a city devastated by conflict. The video was filmed in Syria.

The children who perform alongside Ansam are all internally displaced and participate, along with Ansam, in UNICEF psychosocial support programmes.

The song was written and composed by Zaid Dirani, Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, and world-famous pianist, who donated it to UNICEF.

The release of the song comes in the week that marks six years of war in Syria.

On Monday, UNICEF confirmed 2016 was the worst year of the conflict for Syrian children with violations against them the highest on record.

Please share this video on your platforms and let's raise awareness of the needs of Syrian children...

January 25, 2017

I was most surprised to find that so many teacher's were incredibly supportive and were only too happy to give up their class time and allow me to work on these posters. I spoke to another two teachers today Ms Kerin and Ms Gavin who are really passionate about ending gender inequality. Ms Kerin even assigned our English class a project where we have to present a speech to the class on gender inequality. I'm going to take this opportunity to speak to the class about Unicef and about what we learned.

Overall everyone had really positive feedback and we gained the support of seven teachers and our principal. My peers were really interested to learn more and found the information on the posters just as shocking as I had. I think that we could be starting to spark that curiosity of this topic and hopefully are encouraging people to be activists themselves.

I have really enjoyed spending my time researching gender inequality because I now know ten times more than I did before I began this wor...

December 8, 2016

Each Christmas we create 25% more packaging waste than the rest of the year. Which is not surprising when you hear that last year in Ireland six million rolls of wrapping paper were bought! Now that is crazy!! 

So, we want to help you help the planet- and your pocket, with these super easy, cute, and free gift wrap alternatives...

Sitting in your recycling bin- yesterday's newspaper, couldn't get any easier, plus you could get very cute and highlight some of the words on the page to spell out the name of the person you're gifting- or a message.

You could also get very creative and create some giftbags out of newspaper. Look at those drawings, you could really customise the giftwrap- and those clothes pegs? No one will even realise they're missing ;)

You could even take the comic section and your work here is done! Bonus points for a homemade bow!

This one is something you probably have lying around the house, maybe it was a cloth bag from a gift last year- reuse it, put a bow or some strin...

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